Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop and How It Failed

Netflix’s cult classic, Cowboy Bebop, has been praised for its unique style and sophisticated storytelling. The show’s success is due to the blend of Japanese animation with an American setting and themes.

However, over time, the show also developed a reputation for low-quality writing and it failed in terms of staying true to its initial premise. Despite this failure, the show still resonated with anime fans and anime-inspired creators. Here are some ways that Cowboy Bebop succeeded despite its flaws.

What Did Cowboy Bebop Do Right?

On the surface, Cowboy Bebop’s success is due to its unique style and sophisticated storytelling. But there are many other aspects that make it a cult classic that stands out even today.

First, the show never strays too far from its initial premise of being a crime story. This allows the audience to easily identify with Spike and his gang as they struggle to find their way in this new world. The show also does not take itself too seriously, so it can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages. Thanks to these two qualities, Cowboy Bebop is still a fan favorite today despite its writing flaws.

What Did Cowboy Bebop Do Wrong?

Cowboy Bebop, as a series, was not successful in terms of staying true to its original premise. The show was constantly trying to be edgy and different from other anime by adding more violence, drugs, and sex into the mix. However, these elements were an unnecessary addition that made the show feel like it wasn’t living up to the hype.

The show also had a reputation for poor writing. This was largely due to a large number of characters and their lack of development over time. In addition, because all of the character’s stories were only resolved at the end of each episode, there were no stakes for viewers who were watching week after week.

Why Did Cowboy Bebop Fail?

Cowboy Bebop’s initial success and failures can be attributed to some reasons. The first is that the show did not stay true to its initial premise. As time went on, it became clearer that the show had shifted from its original themes of jazz music and New York as a setting. The second reason why Cowboy Bebop failed was due to low-quality writing. This is due in part to the show being produced by Sunrise Inc., a company known for producing low-budget anime with poor writing.

How Did Cowboy Bebop Still Succeed?

Cowboy Bebop showed that it was possible to create a successful anime series without relying on the tropes that are often associated with the subgenre.

Many people argue that Cowboy Bebop succeeded because it was unique and did not use elements of Japanese animation that are commonly associated with other shows. The show’s low production quality also contributed to its success because the show was considered experimental and experimental productions are typically watched more than traditional ones.

Final Thoughts

Cowboy Bebop is a show that stands out for its unique style and sophistication. Despite the show’s low-quality writing and failures in staying true to its initial premise, the show has been praised by anime fans and creators alike. Here are some ways that Cowboy Bebop succeeded despite its flaws.

-Cowboy Bebop’s animation is smooth and fluid, with a focus on exceptional character design

-The soundtrack of the show is a highlight, featuring jazz many genres

-The voice acting of the cast is exceptional.

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