Coca-Cola launches virtual drink inside the metaverse

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte

The world’s most famous soft drink has reached meta version.

Coca-Cola announced on Monday that it is launching a version of its sparkling doll inspired by the game almost before it enters the real world.

According to the American beverage giant, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will “revive the taste of pixels”.

How exactly this is handled remains a mystery, but at first, it will apply to a world similar to the metaverse in the video game Fortnite.

Metaverse is a digital space where people can interact, work and play and have access to virtual reality glasses. Versions of this technology were created by the parent company Facebook Meta and the manufacturer Fortnite Epic Games.

Coca-Cola has teamed up with gaming organization PWR to help create Pixel Point, a custom island built by Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative is a standalone game mode that allows companies and regular users to build their own worlds.

Players of the game can then explore the purpose-built islands as well as in various league modes.

Those who introduce Pixel Point can try coke-based mini-games and also “try” a new flavor of the drink – almost of course. The new flavor will be available in US stores in physical form on May 2. It is not yet known about the launch in the United Kingdom.

It remains unclear how the drink tastes, even though Coca-Cola describes it as “transcending the digital and physical worlds”.

This is the second open offering from the Coca-Cola Creations project, which creates unique flavors for Gen-Z customers.

Oana Vlad said:

“We want to create a new taste inspired by pixel playfulness, rooted in playable experiences.

“Like the pixels of a digital connection, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte connects people to share moments of true magic.”

Coca-Cola is not the first company to jump on the metaversion train as interest in mysterious technology grows.

Last month, Heineken organized a metaverse event, where he offered the opportunity to “drink” the brand’s first virtual beer.

Recently, the first metaverse has received fashionable virtual screens from top brands Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, and Dolce & Gabbana. This story originally appeared in The Sun and is reproduced here with permission.

Metaverse mania has replaced the world’s most famous drink. Yes, Coca-Cola has entered the meta-version, and on the glittering scene is the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte – the first flavor of a soft drink giant born in the virtual world.

“Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will revive the taste of pixels in a limited edition beverage that transcends the digital and physical world,” the company said in a statement. Prior to the limited retail launch, the drink was available in the metaverse of the video game “Fortnite”.

Rather, the metaverse is a digital space where people can interact and work and access them using virtual reality goggles. Coca-Cola said it had a long-standing connection with gaming and first entered the metaversion last year with its first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collectibles.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola gave Starlight a taste of the area. Well, it’s time for a metaverse drink.

It comes to reality

Metaverse is a virtual world built on blockchain technology. It is a 3D virtual world with which users can interact with each other and buy goods and services. Metaverse will be a real digital world that will allow users to experience life in a whole new way.

Some of the features available in Metaverse include:

1. Avatars – users will be able to create their own avatars that will represent them in Metaverse. 2. CoR capabilities – Metaverse has virtual reality capabilities that allow users to experience the world in a whole new way.

3. Marketplace – Metaverse has a marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services.

4. Social Networks – Metaverse has social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where individuals can connect with each other.

Metaverse is a term that is beginning to gain ground in the digital world. This is because the metaverse has the potential to change the way people interact online. Here are some of the ways metaversion will change the digital world:

This creates an immersive experience for users.

Metaverse creates a more compelling experience for users because they can interact with each other in a virtual world that consists of several user-created virtual realities. This allows users to have a more realistic online experience because they can communicate with each other in a virtual world similar to the real one.

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