Rogue Legacy 2 Review

Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy was one of the best indie platformers of the last decade, thanks to its simple, satisfying action and addictive gameplay loop that was enhanced by a clever roguelike design. Its sequel is in the works, but you can start playing it now. The $24.99 Rogue Legacy 2 is available via early access on the Epic Games Store and Steam, so we sank time into its 0.81 build. The PC game is already much bigger and more varied than the first Rogue Legacy, with a cleaner, smoother look that maintains the first game’s general aesthetic while moving beyond 16-bit-style sprites. Rogue Legacy 2 isn’t finished, so we won’t give it a formal score until it fully releases. Still, even in this early stage, it’s a stable and fun platformer with plenty to do.

The Game

The core of any good game is its story, and in Rogue Legacy 2, it’s the most important thing you do. It’s the heart of the experience, and you’ll want to know what happens next in this classic platformer. The map is huge, with a ton of interesting characters and adventure segments to discover, so you’ll want to know where this is leading. The game offers many different story paths, each with its own unique charm and mood. You can choose to play as either the Hoff or the Sinister, with each offering a distinct view into the world of darkness. Tons of fun factoids pop up throughout the game, including the dating options for skilled tradesmen, the rewards that populate the world, and the unique sounding “BOSS” theme. There’s even a hidden “Guts” shop where you can find hidden tools and supplies, including a walking stick, shovel, and greatsword.

The Stages of a Classic

The quests in Rogue Legacy 2 are vast and varied, with many branching paths and opportunities to grow as a player. As with all survival-based games, you will head to specific areas to complete specific tasks and achieve certain goals. In this case, you’ll travel from city to city collecting supplies, buying food, and finding and fighting your way through a variety of intense boss battles. These stages vary in difficulty, with the easier options being for experienced players looking to grow as a competitor. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the cityscapes and collect items, plenty of space to maneuver, and plenty of time to kill. Some are easy enough that you don’t even have to go through them all in one sitting, but some are longer and more intricate. Remember, the journey, not the destination.

The Gameplay Loop

There are many, many different ways to play Rogue Legacy 2. You can choose to play it as a single-player, co-op, or co-op. You can also choose to play it as a third-person game and take on the world as an ultimate badass, or as a first-person game and take on the world as an easy-to-master professional swordsman. Each route is different in its own way, but many share a common theme: you are a 1990s kid, and your digital avatar is the avatar man, who is yourself the avatar of a distant past. The avatar class is another key idea of the platformer and its sequel, with major emphasis on diversity and representation of different marginalized communities. You can play as any race, culture, or species, with or without a “mandatory” helmet choker or two. You can also choose to play as your favorite character, with their various dialogue options, weapon skins, and other customization options.

Generational Grind

Played in its original form, Rogue Legacy 2 is all about pushing yourself above your skills and abilities, and beyond the comfort of your shell. Your AI teammates and AI bots are great, your maps are large and immersive, and there are tons of fun, engaging activities to do. However, the game’s final boss, the alchemist, is far more complicated and engaging than anyone could have ever expected. The alchemist is a master of transformation, able to do almost anything you would ever want to do. However, if you step onto his stage, it’s as if you’re standing on the very edge of the precipice of the world, falling into a dark pit with no hope of escape. This is where the final boss of the game comes into play – the alchemist is a master of disguise, and he uses it to his advantage. You see, he doesn’t actually appear in the game as the final boss but as a side character, and his famous trick is to find a player on the other team, disguise them as themselves and make them attack the alchemist from behind. While some might call this a death by million cuts, others might call it an opportunity to earn a real challenge and learn the art of the alchemist’s deception. If you aren’t feeling too downright confident about your abilities, try a little of this masterful alchemist trick.

Combat Change-Ups

Every platformer has its share of fun, meaningful change-ups, but there’s one series that takes the cake for fun and heartwarming – the combat. Every platformer should have that, and not just your standard quick-time event (QTI) trades. You’ll find tons of amazing combat changes in Rogue Legacy 2, from the utilization of the Dead or instead of the Stranger’s sword to the addition of an extra third-person mode, The Horseshoe, which allows you to view events in a 3D fashion. The combat was always a fun part of platforming, and Rogue Legacy 2 continues that tradition with heart-pounding action. There are so many different styles and moves that can be used in combat, that it’s almost difficult to know where to start. The best solution is usually the simplest. To get the most out of the system, you’ll want good support staff to help you along, and a wardrobe that can buy you that timeless sword suit you always wanted (or needed) for your birthday. There are so many options for clothing and accessories that it’s almost impossible to know where to begin. So, for the truly Batavia-inspired, an array of loose pieces from around the house can help you look like you’re from the future.

Can Your PC Run Rogue Legacy 2?

As great as the engine of Disney’s Aladdin is, it can’t competently tackle modern-day platformers. Thankfully, the sequel includes a host of modern-day challenges, including a platformer version of the original’s iconic boss, the Desert Tortoise. The Desert Tortoise is like nothing you’ve encountered before, with its classic design being redone in a more contemporary fashion. Even the enemies have been updated, with new strength and style being added to the mix. All this makes for a very fun, challenging platformer that you can play on either PC or Mac. If you’re interested in platforming in a more contemporary way, you might want to check out Old Man’s Fantasy, a platformer that’s been re-based in the modern age, with players controlling the blue-haired dandy as he wanders the world. Let’s be honest, all the classic scenarios and moves from the first game are here, and the nostalgia is strong. If you’re still struggling to get into the platformer mood, don’t be afraid to give Old Man’s Fantasy a try. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Unlike most action games, Rogue Legacy 2 doesn’t sacrifice beauty or Detail for straightforwardness or readability. Every pixel shines, and you’ll see characters, maps, and other visual effects in their place. This is a very clear, highly engaging platformer, without the clunky, pixelated controls that usually come with modern games. On the other hand, the sound is also very good and lends a classic, familiar feel to the proceedings. There are a few voice-overs and a lot of useful sound effects, but overall, the sound design does a great job of representing the different cultures of the player’s world. 


Multiplayer is one of the most important things you can do in a platformer. It makes the experience worthwhile, and with the addition of online leaderboards and a large online library, it’s only natural to start looking for matches. You can also join forces with other players from other platforms, either on the same or separate servers, which means you can always pick up where you left off and continue the journey. The original Rogue Legacy used a mostly static game world, so there’s nothing like being dropped into an entirely new environment to set your mind straight. Both the campaign and online behemoths are very old-fashioned, but the result is still appealingly simple.

PC Release Policy

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