How My SUSE Has Stole My Heart

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is a popular Linux distribution that boasts many features and benefits, such as ease of installation, scalability, and security. But what really makes SLES stand out is its community. From the moment you install it, you’re immediately drawn into the vibrant SUSE ecosystem.

How I came to SUSE Linux

I stumbled upon SUSE Linux while surfing the internet one day. The more I looked into it, the more I loved it. After some research, I found that SUSE was the perfect distribution for me. Not only did it have all the features I needed, but it was also user-friendly and looked great on my computer. I decided to give it a try and have never looked back since.

My experience with SUSE Linux

I’ve been using Linux for a while now, and I have to say that I really like it. However, I recently switched to using SUSE Linux as my primary operating system. Why? Because SUSE Linux is just amazing!

First of all, the installation process is really easy. Plus, the software that comes with SUSE Linux is top-notch. For example, the package manager is amazing–it’s one of the best I’ve used. And the software that comes pre-installed on SUSE Linux is also top-notch. For example, the file manager is great and the browser is quite fast.

Overall, I highly recommend switching to SUSE Linux if you’re looking for an excellent Linux operating system.

The pros and cons of using SUSE Linux

If you’re like most people, your first reaction to the word “Linux” is probably negative. After all, Linux is synonymous with pirated software and unstable systems. But don’t let that discourage you from looking into this powerful alternative operating system. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to switch to Linux. Here are some of the pros:

-Linux is free: Unlike Windows or macOS, Linux is completely free and open source. There are no licensing fees, and there are no updates or new versions required. This means that you can use it without worrying about annoying software restrictions or expensive upgrades.

-Linux is customizable: Because Linux is open source, you can customize it to exactly how you want it. This means that you can create a system that’s tailored to your specific needs and requirements. There are tens of thousands of different distributions (variants) of Linux available, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs perfectly.

-Linux is versatile: because Linux is designed for flexibility and customization, it can be used for a wide range of tasks and applications. From desktop PC software to web servers and file storage systems,

How I migrated my workstation from Windows to SUSE Linux

I’m a Windows user through and through. I’ve been using Windows since the late 90s, and I’ve never really felt the need to try anything else. But recently, something inside me told me to give Linux a try. So I did. And I love it!

I started by downloading SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SLES 12) from their website. After installing it on my computer, I was ready to start using it. The first thing I did was install Firefox and Thunderbird, two of my favorite browsers. Firefox is definitely faster than Windows’ default browser, Internet Explorer. Thunderbird is also great for managing email and other documents.

Next, I installed some basic software that I use on a daily basis: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. These programs work great with SLES 12! Plus, they’re all free to download and use.

One of the coolest features of SLES 12 is its support for hybrid graphics cards. This means that you can use your old graphics card from your old computer (or even a laptop!) and plug it into SLES 12 without any problems. This is great because it means

10 Things I Wish People Knew about My SUSE

I’ve been a SUSE fan for over a decade now and I can honestly say that they are one of the best Linux distributions out there.

They have always been known for their user-friendly interface and powerful features, which makes them perfect for both home users and business users.

Recently, however, I switched to another Linux distribution called Ubuntu. In this post, I want to share with you some of the reasons why I switched and why SUSE is now stealing my heart again.

First of all, let’s talk about the user interface. Ubuntu is known for its dated user interface and its lack of features compared to SUSE. For example, SUSE offers a lot of features that are not available in Ubuntu such as AppArmor and YaST2.

Another thing that makes SUSE stand out is their customer support. If you ever encounter any problems with your system, their customer support team is always available to help you out. They are also very responsive and will solve your problem quickly.

Last but not least, SUSE has always been one of the most stable distributions out there. Even after years of development, their systems have remained stable and bug-free. This is something that I really

My Summer At The Beach With My Suse And Friends

I had the best summer ever! I spent it at the beach with my friends, my computer, and my favorite software suite: SUSE Linux.

I was already a big fan of SUSE Linux before I went to the beach, but my experience there only confirmed what I already knew: SUSE Linux is the best operating system out there. In fact, it might even be better than Windows!

Here’s why:

1) The software is constantly updated. Sure, Windows is updated too, but it can take a long time for Microsoft to release an update. With SUSE Linux, you always have the latest and greatest software available. Plus, since updates are released regularly, you’re never left behind when new features and functionality become available.

2) The user interface is sleek and user-friendly. Windows can be quite confusing to use at times; especially if you’re not familiar with it. SUSE Linux has a very user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

3) The software is compatible with a wide range of hardware. Whether you’re using a desktop computer or a laptop, SUSE Linux is sure to work well with your hardware.

My SUSE Program

I was never a big Windows fan. I always found the interface and terminology to be clunky and difficult to use. Plus, I didn’t like that Microsoft was always taking control of the operating system with updates and patches.

So when I started looking into Linux distributions, I decided to go with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. After trying out a few different flavors, I settled on SUSE 12.3 as my favorite because it had all the features I was looking for, and it was very easy to use. Plus, the community support was terrific!

Over time, I’ve come to appreciate all of the features SUSE has to offer. For example, the software management tools make it easy to keep track of which applications are installed on your computer and which ones you need to install. And the SUSE Control Center is a great way to manage your system settings in one place.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for an easy-to-use Linux distribution that comes with comprehensive community support, then look no further than SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop!

The Birth Of My Suse

When I was a young computer geek, I belonged to a club that only had one member: SUSE. This Linux distribution was my everything. It was the first distribution I ever used, and it quickly became my favorite. The community was friendly and supportive, and the software was always up-to-date and bug-free.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now an administrator for a small office. One of my tasks is to make sure our computers are running the latest version of SUSE. But this time, something’s different. It’s not just that SUSE is now installed on more computers than ever before; it’s also become my favorite distribution to use. The community is still friendly and supportive, but there’s something extra special about it this time. It feels like home.

Now, you might be thinking that this story has a happy ending—that I finally found my perfect distribution and stick with it from now on. But that’s not how it happened. In fact, it took me a long time to finally realize why SUSE had stolen my heart so completely.

It turns out that what I loved most about SUSE was its unyielding commitment to quality. No


I’ve been using SUSE Linux for years now, and I absolutely love it. It’s a stable OS that offers great features at an affordable price, and the support team is always available to help with whatever you need. Recently, however, I switched to Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system. Why?

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