Phyllis Diller was one of the most iconic comedians of her time. Known for her razor-sharp wit and relatable stories, she was a true force to be reckoned with. Her laugh was a mainstay of her comedy, and it’s no wonder why. It was infectious and could put anyone in a good mood. In this blog post, we will explore the many layers of the Phyllis Diller Laugh. From its origins to its impact on comedy, read on to learn more about what makes her laugh so special.

The Early Years

Phyllis Diller was born on October 10, 1922 in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to her successful comedy career, Diller worked as a Bunny at the Paramount Theater in New York City. She made her stand-up debut at the age of 23 and quickly became one of the most popular comedians in America. In 1965, she starred in her own television show, The Phyllis Diller Show. The show ran for six seasons and was critically acclaimed.

Diller’s comedy was based on her personal life experiences. She was often outspoken about issues such as feminism and racism. Her material was controversial but also highly entertaining. She is considered to be one of the pioneers of modern stand-up comedy.

Diller died on May 14, 2005 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Laugh Factory and the Comedy Circuit

In the early days of stand-up comedy, it was common for comics to perform solo at nightclubs and bars. As time went on, however, more and more comedians got their start working in “comedy clubs,” which are typically larger venues with a more formal atmosphere and a specialized audience that appreciates stand-up comedy. These days, there are literally thousands of comedy clubs across the United States and even more around the world.

Comedians often tour these clubs, performing one or multiple nights each week. This touring schedule can be very demanding; comics often work 80 or 90 hours a week on the road. However, it also offers comic artists a unique opportunity to see different parts of the country and meet new fans.

Aspiring comics can get started in stand-up by attending open mics or showcases hosted by local comedy clubs. After impressing club owners with their material, some comics will be given opportunities to perform at special events like New Year’s Eve or weekend birthday parties. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to make it as a professional stand-up comedian, but the rewards are worth it!

The Late Years

In the later years of her life, Phyllis Diller continued to work and perform. She toured extensively and appeared in a number of films, including 2002’s The Muppets. In addition to her comedic skills, Diller was also an accomplished actress, appearing in a number of serious roles. She passed away on October 5th at the age of 95.

The Legacy of Phyllis Diller

The legacy of Phyllis Diller ranges from the many layers of her laugh to her groundbreaking work in comedy. The actress, comedienne, and writer was known for her wacky humor and sharp wit. Here are five facts about Diller you may not know.

1. Diller was born on October 30th, 1933 in Los Angeles, California.
2. She got her start as a stand-up comic in the early 1960s and became one of the most popular comedians of her time.
3. Her first major role on television came in 1969 when she starred in the short-lived sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.
4. In 1974, she created and starred in the critically acclaimed show The Monkees, which ran for three seasons on NBC.
5. In 1992, Diller released her autobiography titled Laughing Matters: A Memoir of Laughter, Love and Life (with Ira Glass).

25 Of The Funniest Phyllis Diller Laughs, Ever

1. Phyllis Diller really knows how to have a good time. Whether it’s cracking jokes or simply finding amusement in the simplest things, she’s got a laugh that’ll make you smile. From her hilarious observations of life to her trademark zinger, these are 25 of the funniest Phyllis Diller laughs, ever!

2. “I’m Jewish and I don’t understand this stuff about Jesus!”

3. “My husband keeps telling me he’s going to get a vasectomy and I keep saying, ‘No way!'”

4. “I would love to be a cat because they can just lay around all day.”

5. “Men! They’re just so stupid! All they do is drink, smoke, and chase women!”
“6.” On being asked if she ever misses anything from when she was overweight: “No, I miss people not wanting to sit next to me on airplanes!”
7.” I once saw this sign in a restaurant advertising free refills on coffee drinks – but only for men! What kind of discrimination is that?”
8.” Women really are the fairer sex. We know how to manipulate men into doing what we want without even trying!” 9 .”I used to be embarrassed about my age but now I’m proud that I’m getting old! Oh wait . . . no, that’s not right either.” 10 .”You know those movies where everyone talks

The Phyllis Diller Laughs: The One Funniest Moment From Every Famous Comedian

There is no one funniest moment from every famous comedian, but there are definitely moments that stand out for Phyllis Diller. Here are five of the funniest moments from the late comedienne:

1. The time she hilariously spoofed Lawrence Welk on “The Carol Burnett Show.”
2. Her iconic bit about dieting and her husband’s reaction to it on “The Dick Cavett Show.”
3. When she sang a rendition of Bobby Sherman’s “Thank You for Being a Good Year” on “The Dean Martin Show.”
4. Her hilarious impression of Marilyn Monroe on “The Muppet Show.”
5. Her deadpan delivery of the classic joke about bananas and hammocks on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”

‘Some Day We’ll Laugh At This’: The Phyllis Diller Laugh

Though sadly no longer with us, the late Phyllis Diller was one of the most beloved comedians of all time. Her trademark laugh was distinct and infectious, and her humor was always on point. Here are five things you may not have known about the hilarious lady.

1. She was originally trained as a dancer
Diller’s comedic talents were first discovered while she was performing in a dance company. After switching to stand-up comedy, she quickly became one of the premiere comics in America.

2. She once impersonated Joan Rivers
One of Diller’s earliest notable performances occurred when she impersonated iconic comedienne Joan Rivers at a stand-up gig in San Francisco. The performance went so well that Rivers herself invited Diller to appear on her show.

3. She had a long career spanning over 50 years
Throughout her illustrious career, Diller performed all over the world, appearing on such prestigious stages as Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden. In addition to her stand-up comedy routines, she was also an accomplished actress and writer.

4. She inspired countless female comedians today
Diller’s powerful message of self-confidence resonated with millions of women across generations, paving the way for today’s top female comedians like Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman. Her legacy will never be forgotten – thank you, Phyllis!

Why The Phyllis Diller Laugh Is So Funny

The Phyllis Diller Laugh is one of the funniest things in the world. It’s a mix of total absurdity, deadpan delivery, and just a touch of sarcasm. And it’s all delivered with that iconic laugh.

There are so many layers to The Phyllis Diller Laugh that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why it’s so funny. But there are a few key factors that contribute. For one, her delivery is always deadpan. She never lets on how much she’s joking or winding people up. And yet, even when she’s just making an off-the-cuff comment, you can see the gears turning in her head as she comes up with a brilliant line.

Plus, her absurd comments always have a kernel of truth at their core. After all, who hasn’t laughed at something because it felt like they were suddenly living in some kind of ridiculous world? That bit of truth makes her jokes all the funnier – we recognise the reality behind them and can laugh along with her without feeling like we’re being condemned for our own crazy thoughts.

What is a Phyllis Diller Laugh?

Phyllis Diller had a laugh that could light up any room. It was infectious, bubbly, and always seemed to come from the bottom of her soul. Her laugh was so loud and joyous, it was like she was genuinely happy.

Diller’s laugh wasn’t simply an act for show. It was a part of who she was as a person. She laughed at the silliest things, enjoyed making others laugh, and found great humor in everyday life.

Diller’s laugh wasn’t just one aspect of her personality – it was the foundation on which everything else revolved. Her laughter helped her through difficult times, made her friends closer, and created memories that will last forever.

My Favorite Phyllis Diller Laugh

There is no one specific Phyllis Diller laugh. For example, her signature belly laugh might start with a chuckle and then quickly turns into a full-blown belly laugh. Or she might start with a light giggle and then let out an extended burst of laughter.

Regardless of the Laugh, it was always unmistakably Phyllis Diller. And it was always on point – delivering the punchline perfectly while simultaneously making everyone else in the room laugh.

One of my favorite Phyllis Diller laughs came during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Carson had asked her to tell a joke, and she started by saying, “A man walks into a bar…and he’s not wearing any shoes.” She then proceeded to deliver her punchline perfectly, but as soon as she finished, Carson cut in and said, “That wasn’t very funny.” To which she replied with her trademark laugh – ending with an adorable giggle that made us all feel just a little bit better about ourselves (even though we didn’t really know what the joke was supposed to be).


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Phyllis Diller. If not, then you’re in for a treat! She was an American comedian, actor and writer who is widely considered to be one of the most influential women in comedy history. In this article, I want to explore her laughter — what made it so great, how it evolved over time and how you can try to achieve something similar in your own stand-up comedy performances. Thanks for reading!

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