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BSLBATT is a well-known lithium golf cart battery manufacturer that has gained a reputation for quality and reliability. They have been at the forefront of innovation in lithium battery technology and have developed several products that cater to the golfing industry. In this blog post, I will discuss the advantages of using BSLBATT lithium golf cart batteries, including their long-lasting performance and a reliable power source. I will analyze the key features of the battery and explain why it is the ideal choice for golfers. I will also discuss the benefits that golfers can enjoy when using batteries bought from well-known lithium golf cart battery manufacturers. Finally, I will provide a conclusion based on my analysis.

What are Lithium Golf cart batteries?

Golf carts normally operate at 36 or 48 volts and draw a current of 40- 70 amperes per 15 miles per hour. This current rate increases when the cart is accelerating or going through rough terrains. So a battery that provides continuous current and cannot drop so fast is required.

The golf cart battery has to go through a complete charge and discharge daily and when it drops below 50% daily lifespan decreases. So here are Lithium iron phosphate batteries LiFeO4 specially designed for golf carts. These batteries have deep-cycle and are designed to increase durability so that they prolonged for a longer time.

Cost of Lithium iron phosphate batteries

A lead-ion battery costs about $1,500, while a lithium-ion battery costs about $2,000. Just by looking it seems that lead-ion battery is cheaper but if we go into detail it will be found that lithium-ion battery is more beneficial as you have to spend once for about 10 years. Whereas in the case of lead-ion battery you have to replace it soon. So what do you think which is more expensive lead-ion or lithium-ion?

How long-lasting a Golf cart battery is?

How long a Golf cart battery survives depends on the type of battery and its usage. A normal lead-ion requires more maintenance so its life becomes very short if not properly maintained. A lead-ion battery will last about five to six years and will not give a good performance after this.

AGM batteries will last a little longer than lead-ion batteries. If properly maintained the AGM batteries will last about seven years for use.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries LiFeOhave a longer life than other regular batteries. It does not require any necessary maintenance like watering. These batteries last about 4000 – 5000 cycles while lead-ion batteries last for 500 – 1000 cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than lead-ion batteries but save money in the long term. They consume less energy, don’t need any repairs monthly or yearly, and have zero maintenance costs.

How many batteries do you need for your Golf cart?

How many batteries you require for your golf cart depends on the type of cart and its usage. If you have a stock cart having two seats, 17 inches of tires, and a stock motor and controller then you require one battery for covering 60-80 miles.

If you have a heavily modified cart with 4 seats, large aftermarket tires, and a high-performance motor, you require one battery for 30 miles and 2 batteries for 60 miles.

If you have a modified 6 seater cart with large tires and high-performance motor, you require 2 batteries for 40 to 50 miles.

How many batteries do you need for your Golf cart

Buy a golf cart battery for your cart from the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers

BSLBATT is the best Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer in China and delivers its products all over the world. Our batteries have comparably more long-lasting and give more power than any other batteries from a well-known battery manufacturer. Before investing in lithium batteries choose the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers like BSLBATT wisely as it is a long-term investment.

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