A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Video Specifics 2022

Video ads on Facebook are the most effective and engaging way to Followers on Instagram connect with your audience, increasing leads. Facebook research shows that 39% of people may have discovered new brands or products through ads.

Glorifies’ video maker makes creating and editing Facebook video specifications easy in just minutes. This allows you to meet the Facebook requirements for video ads. Before starting the creation, it is essential to understand the basics of Facebook ad sizes, video ratios, the maximum length allowed, frame rates, and ad types. These technical details are covered in detail below.

Facebook Video Size and Aspect Ratio

Facebook videos can be produced anywhere from 9:16 to 10, depending on your requirements. To ensure a great experience, you can use rectangular and square videos. However, vertical and full-portrait modes provide the best viewing experience. Make sure to check the Facebook video ad specifications.

Bonus Point: Because mobile phones are increasingly used for almost all purposes, it is possible to check for videos in vertical format. This has a significant advantage, according to the Facebook ads case studies.

Specific Facebook video specifications aspect ratios can fit all of the Facebook video ad placements. This makes it more important to be familiar with the Facebook ad size. We will break down each ad placement to help you determine the best Facebook video size requirements and practices.

Placements and Facebook cover videos

Facebook has expanded its network to include a variety of placements that allow you to advertise your Facebook video at the most appropriate size.

These Facebook video specs for ads monitor different types of results based on the user’s intent. You might get a different result every time. Remember your goals and choose the one that works best for you. It is essential to use the right Facebook video ad size.

  • Extend the reach of your company
  • Increase engagement between the owner of the audience and the owner
  • This increases the number of views for the video
  • Convert more customers

Let’s get to know Facebook cover video specs better. This will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the video, as well as where your video ads could be most effective in generating the best results.

1. Facebook Ad Video Size for the Feed

These are the most talked about ads and catch viewers’ attention. They were scrolling through the posts of their friends, family, or favorite brands in their newsfeed.

The Facebook video size allows you to upload simple, 360, or animated videos. These are the 2022 technical Facebook video specifications for each type of video.

Size of a Facebook video

This is the best way to advertise on Facebook. It offers the most reach, engagement, and conversions. These Facebook video specifications will help you create the perfect video.

Video resolution: Facebook recommends that you upload a video with the highest resolution. This will ensure that it meets the Facebook video ad sizes and ratio limits. There is no lettering or pillar boxing. A minimum of 1,280 pixels by 720 pixels is the acceptable video resolution.

Video aspect ratio: The Facebook video specifications and placements show that the platform supports aspect ratios of 9:16 to 16.9, depending on the audience and the targeting. You can choose to use the square-sized size that works best for your devices, or you could break down ads and create different versions for the desktop and mobile feeds.

Video length: Videos can be uploaded for up to 240 minutes. According to the studies, Facebook’s best video size is about 15 seconds. Shorter videos do well. This allows users to watch the entire video without you having to give all of the information. Facebook recommends videos that are short and easy to understand, which encourages people to stick around for longer videos.

Video file type: Facebook video specs allow you to approve most video types. However, MOV and MP4 videos are preferred for the best results. Facebook video thumbnail size The delivery time of the video will be cut if it contains more than 20% text.

Facebook video with link: A header of 25 characters is acceptable, and a description of at least 30 characters is allowed.

360 Facebook video ad size

Three hundred sixty videos are immersive videos where viewers can explore the Facebook ads by moving their fingers or turning their device. A Facebook video that is larger than usual helps to bring the scenes alive for the viewers. This makes the video very impactful. A 360 camera is required to create a Facebook ad with a 360 view.

These are the dimensions of your 360 video Facebook Ad:

  • Video dimensions: While the minimum Facebook video ad size is unlimited, the maximum width and height are 120 pixels each.
  • Video length: Facebook ads can be as long as 241 minutes.
  • Video size: Accepted video sizes range from 1 MB to 26 GB.
  • Video aspect ratio: This could be anywhere from 100×400 to 400×100 px.

Facebook video carousel ad specs

Facebook’s video carousel ads specs are more efficient than single-image link ads and have a 30% to 50% lower cost per conversion.

This Facebook video size allows you to showcase ten images or videos. It is ideal for eCommerce because it highlights different types of products and their details.

These are the technical Facebook carousel ad specifications to be aware of before you launch the carousel ads in your Facebook feed. The accepted cards ranged from 2-10 video cards.

  • Video file type: They can support almost all file types but prefer MOV and MP4 for better results.
  • Video file size: Facebook’s maximum video size is 4GB.
  • Video length: Ads can run up to 241 minutes, but users are encouraged to view shorter videos in the carousel format to move from card to card.
  • Video aspect ratio: Each video aspect should be at least 1:1.
  • Text and link: Ads like this require a landing page hyperlink with primary text up to 125 characters and headlines of at least 25 characters. Descriptions and descriptions can be as long as 20 characters.

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